Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Redefining the Love Story.

This is true. I feel like people are afraid to share their story because it's not something out of a Nicholas Spark's novel or a movie. That stuffs made up, people. Yours is real. 
That's what people need to be reading about. 

Since I am new at this whole blogging thing, I have been taking tips and advice from readers. I need to redefine what I mean by Love Story. I should be more specific. I want to hear a story from your relationship that is one of your most memorable memories to date. Whether that's how you met, when you first knew you wanted to share your life with him or her, or it can even be your proposal. If this story makes you smile every time you think or tell it, then I want to hear it!

Great stories don't end after the wedding or when you first meet. If you really think about it, your relationship is full of those moments. Chase and Allison's is a perfect example of a love story that isn't dramatic, but it still sparks that feeling of endearment, brings a smile to your face, or even gives you a few chill bumps.

I want to read and share love stories that will evoke an emotion.

And by story, I mean incident, meeting, date, or moment where your heart felt full; you suddenly realized you never wanted to be without this other person. That moment is a story. The details, emotion, and thoughts that went through your mind and heart in that moment make it a story.

That being said, send them my way!

Incase you were wondering, I will post Love Stories on Fridays! What a great way to end the week and start the weekend! :)

I had to include this.   

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