Friday, January 17, 2014

Heather + Justin

It's FRIDAY! And after this week, it brings me much joy to share one of my dear friends and coworker's love story! Heather is my fellow bride consultant, and she has also become a close friend of mine. So close, that I accidentally call her "my" Heather. Her husband is jealous of me and slightly scared that I have corrupt her. Nonetheless, Justin and Heather have been a great, young example of love and marriage. Enjoy!

From Heather: When I was 8 years old, one of my favorite babysitters was named Lindsey.  I loved Lindsey because she was a cheerleader, and she taught me how to flip backwards out of the swing in my backyard... I also loved Lindsey because she would always bring her little brother, Justin, with her when she babysat.  Her brother was my age and he was the perfect playmate!

When I got to high school I was terrified because I was coming from a very small K-8th school to a high school with over 2,500 students!  So when I saw Justin on the very first day of school in my math class, I was thrilled to see a familiar face!  We picked up right where we had left off when we were kids, and after months of “talking” to each other, Justin asked me to be his girlfriend!  I was sixteen at the time and thought he was the coolest guy in school... Unfortunately (probably since I told him I wouldn’t kiss him) that relationship only lasted about two months.  But, after we both matured a little more (and after Justin cut his hair), we got back together in October of our Senior year!

Our first kiss was at a playground in my neighborhood, and Justin planned out the whole thing!  For our Senior prom he sent me on a scavenger hunt around the whole city!  At each stop I would find a CD with the next clue and a collection of songs to listen to while I drove there.  The CD’s spelled out “PROM?” and at the last clue, he was waiting with flowers.  Basically, throughout our entire relationship, Justin’s been the man of romantic gestures... He treats me like a princess!

After we had been dating for about two years, we went on a trip to the beach with Justin’s family.  I was convinced that we weren’t getting married for a long while because we didn’t have the money.  But, once again, Justin had a plan of his own... While we were building a sand castle, he placed the ring box on top of the castle with a penny inside.  He then asked, “Is this round and shiny enough for you?”  [For months I had been asking when he was going to give me something round and shiny]  Then he pulled out the real ring and asked if I would marry him.  My response was “Yes!”  and then, through the happy tears, I said, “But, I’m in my bathing suit... I’m not even wearing makeup!!”  Needless to say, it was a wonderfully romantic (and comical) moment!

Nine months later, Justin and I got married on June 2, 2012.  Our wedding was so much fun... with friends and family we danced the night away!  We then went on an incredible honeymoon to Cancun!

Justin and I have been married for a year and a half now, and I can truly say our relationship is a blessing from God.  Our marriage is definitely not perfect, but we love each other and are absolutely committed... for eternity!

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