I’m Ashley. Lover of good music, new adventures, and shower karaoke. I’m your average 40 year-old soul trapped in a 24 year old’s body. I’m a hopeless romantic that loves a good love story.

If you get chill bumps or get a spark of hope while reading this blog, then you are my testimony for starting this blog.

I was born and raised in Tennessee, and I don’t plan on leaving.  I firmly believe everyone you meet in this life has a purpose, and I think God has his hand behind it all. As for me, I'm still finding my purpose and calling and learning a lot along the way. 

My heart belongs to Nashville, good music, and my grandmother’s spice cake. I am a concert addict. I have a problem, but it isn’t hurting me so I consider it a healthy addiction. I also love traveling. Whether it's going to local nature trails, to Hawaii with a group of strangers for spring break, or to Canada to experience the magic of Niagara Falls, I'm always ready to explore. 

I live by this quote, quoted by me: 

“Spend money on experiences rather than things.” - (Ashley Harrison, 2013)

I love my family. We are small in number, but we have enough dysfunction amongst us to make up for the lack of cousins. My mom is my backbone. My brother keeps me from doubting myself. My sister is my best friend...and stylist. Without her, I would leave the house looking like a librarian. 

Here are some of my favorite people, places, and little creatures. 

About Love Struck

This idea blossomed during a time filled with heartbreak. I know, shocking. I had been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for a few years, but never had a focus, a purpose. Well, life happened and out of pain came Love Struck. 

My job is to help brides plan their wedding. Because the planning is overwhelming for a newly engaged couple,  it's a rare occasion when I will actually get to hear how the couple met. The times couples have shared their story, they have left me with chill bumps. These stories should be shared because they are beautiful. Every love story is unique. The moment you feel those butterflies and know that you've found a life partner, a soul mate, is life changing. I love helping brides plan weddings, and I love being a part of that special day; However, I love hearing about the reason for the wedding even more.

I created this blog to share some great love stories and to also have a live journal of my mid-twenties. I may not be in love right now, but I plan on sharing experiences, words, music, and any other thing that inspires or impacts me in a meaningful way. 

I want to spread that hope in a society filled with ridiculously high and depressing divorce rates. One day, when I'm Love Struck, I'll share my story with you.