Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lindsay + Andrew

It's been a while...but I was waiting for summer, and with summer comes a new love story! Lindsay and Andrew were models for one of my Wedding 101 style shoots. During the long, 8 hour day, I had plenty of time to talk to the couple and hear about their story. I LOVED it...not because something dramatic happened but because it is something most relationships go through now, long distance. While this can be emotionally trying for most people, enough to break the relationship, the distance wasn't enough to stop these two...

"Andrew and I attended the same college, and had many mutual friends. But the first time we officially met was on the set of a short-film that Andrew and his friends were making. I was playing the role of "the girl in the bloody dress." I remember Andrew coming out and greeting me as I walked toward the building and giving me a big hug. At this time however, we were both otherwise romantically entangled.  So we saw each other from time to time, but that was it.

Then about a year and a half later, after we had both graduated, Andrew had a dream about me. He sent me a Facebook message, asking if I was still around San Diego and if I would want to hang out. He and his roommates were hosting a 4th of July party at their house, and he invited me. That night, we held hands. A few days later Andrew took me out on our first date. We went to La Jolla, spent some time at an art museum, walked out to see some sea lions, and ate sushi. 

Things got a little complicated very soon after, because I had several (4) gentlemen callers other than Andrew that I was seeing at the same time. We talked about it, and Andrew decided that he didn't want to be one of five. So we took a hiatus. I spent the next couple months taking care of my unresolved romantic business. 

I really missed Andrew during our time apart. So I called him and began to pursue our relationship again. He wasn't getting the hint...until I kissed him. After that, we were basically inseparable. It was a blissful 2 month until Andrew moved to Nashville. Originally we had planned to break up when Andrew left. But as the time drew closer, we decided to try to make a long distance relationship work. And we did, for 6 months. We talked on the phone every day, and texted far too much. 

At the end of the 6 months, I quit my job, and moved to Nashville. I was strongly advised against the move by basically everyone. And it was difficult, but it was much better than being in a long distance relationship. 

The moment we decided we wanted to get married, happened outside the Jimmy Johns on West End Ave. I don't remember how the topic of conversation got started, but we decided we wanted an October wedding. 

We actually had a September wedding, but that was because by the time Andrew proposed, September was the only month available at our venue. It was worth the wait though, because the proposal was perfect. Andrew arranged for my sister, and several other of our friends to be in town at the same time. He pretended to be working on a promo video for one of those friends, but in reality, he was making his video proposal. (Which you too can view on Facebook)

We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary. And truthfully, it has been the most wonderful year. We have had many adventures, and my life is richer and more joyful for having Andrew in it. We love each other more and more every day. And I can't wait to be married for 60, 70 more years."