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I am Ashley #2 from Wedding 101. That has become my identity in the Nashville wedding world, and I really don't mind having a number connected to my name. I am starting this blog as a hobby. I hope this hobby has an impact and shines a little light in this slightly dark world.  I want to share love stories, and I hope you (or anyone that reads this) will help me.

I'm not just some twenty-something writing about the love you see in the movies and hope to stumble upon in real life. I am surrounded by married or engaged people, and I take great notes.

 This isn’t going to be all about me…I love sharing the love…so I will  have A LOT of guest posts. My guests will be the lovely brides I encounter on a daily basis, some friends I’ve watched fall in love, a few strangers that I only met briefly,  and the voices of some wedding pros.  

 I am a single 23 year old in a world where the divorce rate is at or over 50%. I work in the wedding industry, and there are some days I question what I’m doing? There are some days I question the idea of marriage because of what it has become. I blame the Kardashians. 

I'm partially kidding. 

 Marriage is something I want to believe in. I want to know that true, honest love does exist in this world. I want a reason to hope that I can have a pure, true marriage one day. I hope one day I'll have those butterflies that mark the beginning of my own love story. With time, growth, and the right person, I want to be Love Struck. Until then, I will live vicariously through these stories! 

I want to spark hope.
I want to remind people of the reason for having a wedding. 
I want to radiate positivity…(learned this catchy phrase at my first Bonnaroo last summer)
I want to share love.

And I plan on attempting to do that through this blog. I think those things can be accomplished by simply telling real stories. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder about why we are here and what we are doing with our one chance to live…and love.

Have you ever heard a love story that left you with chills? I have. I am going to share those. Those are going to be testimonials for the saying, “When you know, you know.” If not that, then hopefully this blog will at least put a smile on your face. 

About Love Struck

This idea blossomed during a dark time for me…a time where I sang Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble" on a regular basis. (This is not my usual music of choice…but Taylor Swift brings out the 15 year old girl in me).  I had been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for a few years, but never had a focus or purpose. Well, life happened. So, after a tablespoon of heartbreak and 3 pints of Ben & Jerry's, Love Struck kind of struck me. 

My job is to help brides plan their wedding. Because the planning is overwhelming for a newly engaged couple,  it's a rare occurrence that I actually get to hear how the couple met. The times couples have shared their story, they have left me with chill bumps and grinning from ear to ear. These stories should be shared because they are beautiful. Every love story is unique. The moment you feel those butterflies and know that you've found a life partner, a soul mate, is life changing. I love helping brides plan weddings, and I love being a part of that special day; However, I love hearing about the reason for the wedding even more.

I will NOT talk about the wedding in this blog.  That's not the point of this life. There's a bigger picture.

BUT, if you want wedding talk, head on over to the Wedding 101 Nashville blog! (Cross promotion, I work for a marketing company!)

I created this blog to share some great love stories and to also have a live journal of my mid-twenties.  I plan on sharing experiences, words, music, and any other thing that inspires or impacts me in a meaningful way. 

These stories give me hope and make me happy. I want to spread that hope in a society filled with ridiculously high and depressing divorce rates and sadness.

One day, when I'm Love Struck, I'll share my story with you.

If I can help or touch one person throughout this new adventure, then I will be satisfied. If not, then at least the world wide web can have access to my thoughts and stories. 


***If you know of a love story, or if you have one, submit it! I’d love to hear it, and perhaps even share it! : ) 

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