Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello, 2014.

No, this isn't a love story. That comes on FRIDAY! And it's a good one! I feel it only appropriate that I write about New Year's resolutions. I, like the rest of the universe, enjoys creating a resolution(s), do it for 3 weeks, and then go back to old habits. It happens with every. single. new. year. WHY?!

Reasons for resolutions:
1. Tired of the same ole' stuff on different days.
2. We feel fat.
3. It's time for a "new" you.
4. The idea of change is appealing.
5. You want to spice up your life…just like the Spice Girls recommend.

Reasons for not dominating resolutions:
1. It's hard. 

We have an entire year to accomplish a resolution, but we give up before January even ends. Why make yourself a promise just to break it and hurt your own feelings? Don't disappoint yourself at the beginning of the year….there's a whole year to do that. Hell, there's an entire life waiting to slap you with disappointment. I say bahumbug to that, and I will slap disappointment right back with a handful of awesome.

The whole key to making a resolution, which is also a goal, is to choose something that is 50% challenging and 50%  realistic. If I made a resolution to lose 30 pounds, that would be unrealistic considering how much I love mexican food and wine (not together). Last year's resolution was to live a healthier lifestyle which included exercise and NO fast food.

I didn't start my resolution until April 1, 2013. Better late than never! Now,  I am 10 pounds down, workout 5 days a week, only enter the Dunkin' Donuts drive threw for a small breakfast (occasionally), have less jiggle and body dimples, and don't eat French fries anymore. It sucked, and it was hard. But that's the challenge. I kept it realistic. I didn't make a weightless goal (avoided disappointment). I just wanted to feel better…everything else was a bonus.

The thing about a resolution is that it's not a short term thing. Once you do it so much, it will become normal, a new habit per say. This is something that can change your life. It's meant to change your life. That's the point of a resolution. There's no deadline (unless you make one), so the hardest part is actually starting. I say, "do it to it."  But Nike would say, "Just do it." 

I swore that I was avoiding resolutions this year. I failed. I made one definite one.


I feel like I do this on a regular basis, but I can improve. This blog is part of it.  Another part is telling the ones I love that I love them regularly. I may begin to smother them, just cause I can.

What's your resolution for 2014? How will you improve yourself and the world around you starting in 2014?


  1. Thank you so much for the support Cedarwood gals! :)